Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Studying for the Exam

The hardest part about giving advice for the exam is that everyone studies differently and has different needs. However, I will tell you what was helpful to me.

The exam breaks down in this way:

Human growth and development - 22% of the questions
Diagnosis and Assessment - 16%
Clinical Theories and Practice - 16%
Professional Values and Ethics - 10%
Communication - 8%
Therapeutic Relationship - 7%
Diversity - 6%
Service Delivery - 5%
Clinical Practice and Management - 5%
Clinical Supervision, Consultation and Development - 4%
Research - 1%

I spent most of my time working through the first seven things on this list. This blog was my study guide as I wrote and rewrote the theories and methods in my own words.

The first seven categories make up 85% of the exam, and I figured if I knew them well enough to answer most of the questions related to their content accurately then I would have a good chance of passing the exam.

I did not neglect the other portions of the exam, I made sure I knew enough to make an educated guess with relationship to their content and to be relatively sure I would get about half of them right. I can't remember my score exactly, but I believe it was between 78-85, enough to pass in my jurisdiction.

I hope this helps, good luck to all who are taking the exam.


Anonymous said...

I really appreciate that you have shared your notes with the rest of us. My major weakness is being able to organize large amounts of info, and this has helped me so much!

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your comments too. This test has gotten the best of me three times now, and when that happens it is only natural to start looking at yourself and saying "is this for me", "Am I a good therapist". But your comments about the amount of people in my life that have signed off on me to take the exam that see my potential is so true and helpful. So I am going to take a short mental break and get back on the study wagon again and pass this test when I take it again. I will not let this test defeat me, not to mention I preach the same thing to my clients every day... Thank you for starting the blog and I will continue to post.

Anonymous said...

I am right there with the first comment as well, I am glad I came across your blog. I easily get overwhelmed with the amount of information I feel like I have to re-learn. I recently purchased the clinical study guide from ASWB ($30). Just some updates they had:

Human Development, Diversity and behavior in the environment - 31%

Assessment, diagnosis, and treatment planning - 26%

Psychotherapy, clinical interventions, and case management - 25%

Professional ethics and values - 18%

God Bless and Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I took the test today, Veteran's DAy, 11/11/2014. Not one question about research, statistics..Lots of scenarios about identifying defense mechanisms, theories..i/e. which defense mechanism does this scenario describe...what theory would you apply in this situation. Anyway, I passed!!!! Much of the test was common sense, narrowing down correct answers..I graduated 20 years ago, but I finally passed! Said I got 105 questions right and that I needed 100 correct to pass..woohoo!!!!!! Thanks for this blog--awesome!!! Good luck to everyone!!

frank said...

I took this exam 3 times now and I am preparing to take it again. What I have struggled with is reading the questions corectly. I think I have a form of dyslexia where I substitute words.

the lcsw exam said...

The ASWB does make testing accommodations--longer testing times, etc. You might give them a call.