Monday, December 01, 2008

Minor Additions

I added a few resources to the "Theories and Methods" posts about particular psychotherapies. If there wasn't a good text or the texts were too expensive I didn't bother to add them.

The links will take you to a copy of the book on Amazon with prices and its associated reviews. If you have other resources that would fit with particular theories pass them along and I will try and add them to each list as appropriate.

Thanks for reading.


Nokilissa said...

So I passed the exam in mid November. Don't need to tell you what an enormous relief it was. But what now? I checked my status online with the office of professions in my state, and I'm still listed as an LMSW. I have a new client who'd like to submit a bill to her insurance company monthly. Without LCSW status, I can't be that therapist! How long must one wait, assuming supervision and training had all been considered to have met the requirements? I can't find any info on line, and can't get a "warm body" on the phone at the NYS office of Professions. Grrrrr.

niebuhrian said...

I wish I could tell you because it may vary from state to state. It took me about 4-6 weeks before I received notice from my state. This included my license number and certificate.

Emily said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this blog!!! I'm testing in March and in a fit of not being able to focus on my materials, searched online for help and found you. And you don't want to charge me $200; ok, maybe you do. Thanks again!

niebuhrian said...


I have no current thoughts about charging for this site. It would be nice to make something off of it. However, it being a help to others studying for the exam is enough of a payoff for now. Good luck with your preparations.


Rhonda Hailes Maylett said...

You're overwhelmingly kind and generous providing your extensive hard work to everyone facing this dramatic hurdle. You're a spiritual warrior indeed Niebuhrian!!! ★★★★★
I stumbled on your wonderful gift and after reading your comforting and accurate writings, I'm truly amazed. You've made all of us believers that our profession truly represents compassion. ☼
I appreciate wholeheartedly your honest counsel and superb sense of humor especially. ♫ Your divine gift keeps on giving man! May a trail of good karma follow you forever. ❤

October 21, 2013